Jotlin is the fastest way to save links, organize them in folders and search your trusted network.
Save easily 🌟
What can I save?
Webpages, images, documents, places, videos... anything with a URL. You can also save highlighted text with the browser extension.
How do I save?
Paste the URL (https://...) in the search box and select the folder where you want to save it. To search a specific folder or create a new one, press space after the url and type the name of the folder.
With the browser extension, click the icon and click on the folder you want to save the current webpage to. You can also select text or an image, right-click, and save it to Jotlin.
What is Autoplay?
If you save multiple songs from Youtube on a folder, you can then play them all uninterrupted, as a playlist.
What can I search?
Users, folders and recommendations from your friends.
How do I search?
Type anything on the search box. If we find relevant results, we will show them to you. If we don't, we will forward you to Google results.
With the browser extension, simply type on the address bar "j" and space before your query (e.g. "j Winston Churchill"), and you will be shown Jotlin results instead of your default search engine's.
Can I fine-tune my search?
Yes, you can use double quotes (") to search exact phrases, and dash (-) to avoid words. For example, "Steve Jobs" -Apple would show you results about Steve Jobs that are not related to the company he founded.
Collaborate smart 👯
What can I do with a folder?
  • Add friends as members, so they can view and save links to the folder with you
  • Get a unique Public URL to share the folder contents with people outside Jotlin, without them having to register.
  • Lock the folder so your friends can't see its contents 🔒
How do I create a folder?
You can create it from your profile or on the fly while saving any link.
Who can view my folder?
If your folder is unlocked, only your friends can view and search it. If it's locked, only you and the members you explicitly designate can view its contents.