Why Use Jotlin?

Because Jotlin delivers results you can trust instantly!
Distilling the web for you
Jotlin shows you recommendations from friends who did similar searches to yours, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. If there are no relevant recommendation, we automatically show you Google results, so you don't waste a click.
Never search alone
Jotlin tells you what friends know about the topic you are searching, it shows you personal annotations about results, and lets you start a shared folder to save results together.
Fake News protection
Don't be fooled by anonymous sources anymore. Let your expert friends recommend you the best material on a topic, or jointly verify the trustworthiness of a search result.

Benefits of a Jotlin Search

Trusted results first
With the same amount of effort as using a regular search engine, you get the very best results among thousands, extra annotations and friendly sources for further inquiries. You won't have to sacrifice your old search engine either: if no recommendations are relevant, Jotlin automatically forwards you to Google results to continue your expedition.
Explore annotations, reviews and comments
Read personal annotations from your friends regarding a search results. View the most important paragraph of an article. Exchange opinions about a web item in a small, trustworthy circle of friends.
Rediscover your friends
Yes, you may know everything about their last trip from social media. But Jotlin will show you a side previously unknown. Find out surprising common interests. Help each other. Jotlin together.